Sunday, May 31, 2009

I love ebay,

For it's $5,000 t-shirts. No joke.

It is pretty cool. ( I mean hey, atleast they threw in free shipping! )

But here are some other things I decided are much cooler;

Am I right?
But these are still kinda expensive. It's a depression, ( oops I mean "recession" ) if my computer didn't break I could post some pictures of our friendly priced gear.


  1. that sleeveless shirt is money

  2. the DMC adidas stuff always goes for bananas prices. a friend of mine sold a sweatshirt with the NYC design like that for an insane amount, like probably close to a grand, and that was YEARS ago.

    that shaq shirt is illin' though, i would probably sport the diesel's caricature like that.